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2017 At The Metro Society
January 4 Espinosa Cigars (Cigar Shack Selling)
February 1 Holt's
February 5 Big Game Party 2017!
March 1 Atlantic Cigar
April 5 General Cigar (JR Selling)
April 20 Spring Pig Roast (Cigar Shack Selling)
May 3 Alec Bradley BEEFSTEAK!(Barrister Selling)
May 19 2017 Golf Outing (Knoll West, Parsippany)
"Golf Sign Up Sheet"
June 7 Drew Estate (Barrister Selling)
July 5 General Cigar BEEFSTEAK! (JR Selling)
August 2 TBD
September 6 Protocol
October 4 JR Cigar BEEFSTEAK!
October 19 Fall Pig Roast (Cigar Shack Selling)
November 1 Micallef Cigars (Cigar Shack Selling)
December 6 General Cigar (JR Selling)

We'll be adding more events to round out the rest of calendar year 2017 as schedules are confirmed and finalized. Are you interested in showcasing your products at a future Metropolitan Society event?

Why not call us to arrange a visit so you can provide our discriminating members with a sample. Simply Contact the Events Committee and come join us for a great evening.

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